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Today’s Family: Fighting in Front of Your Kids.  Okay, in case you didn’t know, this is not a good idea.  You should try not to fight in front of your kids.  If you do, make sure the kids know that you still love each other and it’s okay to argue once in a while–everyone does.  Psychotherapist, Robi Ludwig, from a story out of “Cookie Magazine,” gave advice to “wives and mothers” that your child can really be affected by your fighting.  Excuse me?  Wives and mothers?  Who are they fighting with, themselves?  Why wasn’t this advice geared to both “wives and mothers” and “husbands and fathers?”  In another segment of obvious information, this psychotherapist managed to insult half (if not more of) the audience by putting all the blame on “wives and mothers” for their kids’ psychological problems.  Read more of this if you care to on The Today Show website or “Cookie Magazine,” but I’ve heard enough.

Moving onto Today’s Travel where they featured The Best Island Beaches.  Lizard Island is in Australia and costs about $1,000/night.  A better deal is on The Greek Isles – Shipwreck Island in The Ionian Sea which only costs $380/night.  On to The Bahamas at Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island which costs $600/night.  Then to Jamaica, 7 Mile Beach in Negril which will run you only $365/night.  But a better deal is right here in the U.S. on Ocracoke Island Beach in North Carolina at $200-260/night.  If you care to go to Texas, you can stay at South Padre Island where it only costs $199-289/night.  But don’t go during spring break since it’s legal to have kegs on the beach.

They have this thing going on called Harry Potter and Today’s Mystery Question, with this being the fourth installment.  I’m not a Harry Potter fan, so this means nothing to me.  Not knowing the names of anyone else but the main character (why is he the only one with a normal name?) I can’t even attempt to remember what the question was or who it involved.  I don’t even know why they’re doing this.  Maybe the winner gets some kind of prize.  I’m sure there is more information on their website if you need to know.

Next was a story entitled, Just as Sweet: Fake Cakes at Weddings.  They’re made out of styrofoam and cost much less than their edible competition.  And you can rent them!  With costs in the hundreds to thousands for a real wedding cake, I think it’s a great idea.  Some of them even come with secret compartments where you can stash twinkies.  Who wouldn’t rather have a twinkie than a miniscule piece of overly decorated wedding cake?

Onto Today’s Kitchen: Grilling Around the World: Going Greek.  They roasted some peppers and some kind of meat–probably chicken.  There was an array of other foods for the grill, too. 

Fall Out Boy was their Summer Concert Series musical guest and finished the show with their first hit “Dance Dance.”

Obviously running long on time again and short on content, they ended early at around 9:52 with sappy hightlights of previous shows. 

Maybe they’ll have heavier stuff next week when the regulars come back from vacation. 

Till then.  Have a great weekend!


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