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We started off the day with Today’s Fitness about keeping your kids healthy.  Some people are now hiring personal trainers for their kids.  Whatever happened to sending them outside with some toys and maybe tossing the ball around with them?  Well, obviously everyone can’t afford to hire a guy built like LL Cool J to keep their kids in shape, so they focused on some things parents can do.  Such as the obvious: turn off the TV and computer.  Perhaps so they can go out and play?  Then more obvious: be a role model.  If they see you working out and staying shape, they’re more likely to do so themselves.  And even more obvious: focus on nutrition and have family meals.  Is any of this news to anyone?  If it is, then I’m glad you tuned in (either to the show or to my blog) so you learned how to keep your kids from growing out while growing up.

Next up was a segment on Turning Feet Sultry Soft, or Toe Time: Feet, The New Face–who comes up with these titles?  Anyway, I’m sure that’s at the top of everyone’s to-do list.  Some common problems for feet are blisters, to which they focused on prevention: moisturize, use bandaids, wear properly sized shoes–and it probably doesn’t matter how well they fit if they cram your feet into a shape they weren’t meant to be in, like an arrow.  Another common problem is corns which you can use some kind of Dr. Scholl’s product to put on them–really that’s what they said.  This segment was obviously sponsored by Dr. Scholl.  Moving onto nail discoloration such as yellowing or toenail fungus.  You can put some polish-like substance on to get rid of it.  Ironically, the yellowing is caused by polish, particularly dark colors.  The last problem they discussed was bunions which are hereditary and sometimes require surgery.  But you can try orthotics and/or splints first.

Today’s Health focused on building strong bones.  Here’s more from the book of the obvious: eat 2-3 servings of dairy a day to ensure good calcium intake.  Here is something that you probably didn’t know: chick peas and walnuts are good sources of calcium.  I actually learned something there.

Today’s Travel was focused on Lucky Seven Getaways.  In case you forgot, Saturday is 7/7/07.  You can get special vacation packages from a $77 hotel room in LA to a $777 spa stay in Las Vegas.  I don’t get it.  It’s just a date.  But if people can make money off it, they’re sure as hell going to try.  I’ll stay home and watch the Live Earth concert.

Today’s Kitchen: Grilling Around The World had BBQ Bon Appetit with blue prongs, watermelon, spicy relish and horseradish.  Grilled watermelon–interesting. 

Till Tomorrow.


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