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We started off at Kensington Palace–not a bad start for the 9:00 hour even if most of it was just a recap of Matt’s visit and a replay of his earlier interview with Earle Charles Spencer, the late Princess Diana’s brother.  He bares a striking resemblence to both princes William and Harry.  Luckily for them, they don’t look at all like their father.  They really dodged a bullet there.  The Today show execs sure are playing up Matt’s interview with the princes, but who could blame them.  William and Harry are easy on the eyes and are classy, eloquent and charming–everything a prince should be.  Obviously, they both take after their mother.  Paris Hilton could learn a thing or two from them.  Just because you’re born into a life of privilege doesn’t mean you have to act like a spoiled brat.  You could actually do something with your life and make a difference.  Anyway, the princes are promoting “The Concert for Diana,” the musical tribute to their mother which airs on Sunday on NBC.

Next up was a mommy make-over for a mother of six.  That’s right, six kids.  Too bad they couldn’t make over her brain.  She needs a spa vacation, perhaps in a mental health facility.  Six kids?  At least her husband appreciates her hard work and that’s why he set her up with the make-over.  I’m not sure how I would react to my husband saying I needed a make-over.  “Are you saying you don’t like the way I look now?”  No, that wouldn’t go over well.  Her husband might as well have told her she looks fat in those jeans.  And, to tell the truth, I don’t think she looked much better after the make-over–not that she looked so bad to begin with.  They cut her hair into a style a mother of six doesn’t have time to do herself and gave her bangs about two inches above her eyebrows.  It looked like one of the kids took the scissors to it.  The stylist called it a retro 60’s look.  I call it a mistake.

There was a brief mention of the upcoming 7th Harry Potter book, but I didn’t really hear what was newsworthy about it.  Yes, it will hit bookshelves near you soon.

Then there was Rum 101: Things you need to know.  Did you know most rum is made in the Carribean?  And there is a vast selection of flavors and colors.  Spiced is one  of the fastest growing and 10 Cane is one of the newest.  I love to see The Today Show anchors drinking rum in the morning.  Like I said yesterday, good job if you can get it.  They ended that segment drinking rumaritas–you guessed it, rum instead of tequila.  Wonder if it comes with more or less of a hangover. 

Hillary Duff sang another song.  Apparently, she was the summer concert performer today.  She did a song from her new album, appropriately titled, “Coming Clean.”  Paris, Lyndsay and Brittney could learn a thing or two from her as well.  How to be a good role model for young girls.  But they don’t care about stuff like that.  It’s not fun enough.  Not like getting hammered, crashing cars and going into and out of rehab and jail.

The show wrapped up with the author of the book, “The Live Earth Global Warming Surval Handbook.”  I couldn’t remember his name, so I googled it for you: David de Rothschild.  His name is almost as long as his book title.  I don’t usually go to that kind of trouble if I can’t remember a name, but this book is for a good cause.  And the guy is gorgeous.  I’d buy anything he was selling and you should too.  Some pointers from the book: unplug your appliances when you leave for the day–I assume that doesn’t include the refrigerator.  Also, turn down the heat and put a sweater on when it gets cold.  If that’s all it takes, then I am extreme greenie.  You should see how cold my house is in the winter.  Usually around 65 at its warmest, but not because I’m comfortable at that temperature.  Have you seen the prices of oil and electricity?  You have to be a billionaire to have a warm house in the winter.  Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate during the winter.  And, of course, don’t use paper or plastic bags at the supermarket.  Take your own canvas bags.  Who cares what they look like?  This isn’t high school fashion.  Just do it!

And that wraps up this week with Yesterday on Today.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


They must have been a little short on content and long on time today because they showed a clip of a previous segment from Meredith Viera’s interview with Vince McMahon about wrestler, Chris Benoit’s double murder suicide.  I don’t know when the segment aired but I do know that it wasn’t live today at 9 because Meredith is never there after that second hour wraps up.  A pretty good gig, I must say.  Anyway, it was a very interesting interview.  Meredith asked him some tough questions and did not back down when McMahon denied having said that in no way could steroids have caused this to happen.   Even though they had a tape of him saying those exact words.  I do like Meredith, especially after having to endure years of Katie Couric.  And it’s not just because she’s from my home state of RI where I used to watch her on my local news station.  I also met her in New York while she was on The View.  She was very friendly and genuine–unlike her co-stars, Joy Behar and Starr Jones.  I wish I could see more of her interviews, but as I mentioned in my first post, this blog is only about the last hour because I’m not up for the first two.  At least not in the summer when my son doesn’t go to school.  And as I also said earlier, the first two hours actually seem to focus on newsworthy topics.  That’s probably they why ran a snippet of Meredith’s interview in the third hour.  They must have run out of fluff to take them through to 10:00. 

Moving onto the Larry King interview with Paris Hilton.  Yes, they actually had a Today Show correspondent to comment on the Larry King show.  I guess they felt gilted because they didn’t get the interview.  I actually liked the guy who gave his impression of Paris’s comments about being such a new person.  If she’d really changed, why isn’t she talking about doing charity work–especially for MADD.  Instead she’s dishing about what she loves best, herself.  And apparently when asked about what part of The Bible struck her most, she came up empty.  She complained about how unfair her punishment was since she is “too stupid” (my words, not hers) to know that it was illegal to drive with a suspended lisence–twice!  If they handed out sentences for stupidity, she’d be in for life.

Another interview followed.  This one with people who actually have talent and work for a living, actors Jeffrey Donovan and Sharon Gless who star in a new show on the USA network called “Burn Notice.”  It’s about an ex-CIA agent who turns his talents to private detecting after being fired from his previous “job.”  Sounds interesting, even if it is about yet another PI.  This one has a bit of a twist.

Remembering John Lennon followed in an interview with author, Larry Cane, who wrote “Beatles Behind the Scenes.”  My kids were screaming and the phone was ringing while he was on so I missed most of that segment.  I’m guessing he probably talked about John Lennon and The Beatles.  Is there really anything new to read about there?  I guess if you want to know, you can buy the book. 

They continued on with Red, White and Green, about how to have an environmentally friendly Fourth of July picnic.  Here are some of the topics: gas grills are better than charcoal.  Soy candles are better than petroleum.  No kidding, soy is more eco friendly than oil?  Bison burgers are better than beef.  That I can understand, but what if you don’t happen to live in a great plains state?  I prefer the potato and pasta salads anyway.  And no animals lose their life for those.  The highlight of this story–at least for me–was the organic wine, Frog’s Leap.  I think I’ll order a case.

Today’s Kitchen featured grilled fish.  Hey, you can throw some of that on the barbecue if you live on the coast instead of the midwest.  Sure beats bison burgers.

Till Tomorrow.

Welcome to my new blog.  This one is for everyone who needs to be caught up on what was on The Today show–you know, for people who have a life and don’t have time to actually watch that last hour of the show between 9 and 10am.  By the way that is the only hour this blog will be focused on since I’m not an early riser myself and it seems the first two hours are actually dedicated to more newsworthy content.  At least until they air that Paris Hilton interview when she is released from jail.  She’s getting a million dollars to be interviewed by Meredith Viera, not Matt Lauer because he made fun of her.  Is there anyone who hasn’t made fun of Paris?  I guess Meredith hasn’t–at least not publicly.  Anyway, it’s good to see that poor Paris will finally to get to tell her story of life behind bars.  And what better way to spend a million dollars then giving it to an heiress who has absolutely nothing better to do anyway?  Congratulations, Today show execs.  What a score.

Today (or yesterday depending when you read this) we got to watch the family of the murdered pregnant woman, Jessie Davis, grieve on national TV even.  Why anyone would subject themselves to this is beyond me.  And the questions were brilliant: “How are you holding up?” was asked to the victim’s father.  What did she expect the response to be?  His daughter was murdered!  He could barely talk.  Again, I don’t understand the need to go on TV with this, but we all grieve differently. 

Then we got to watch a segment on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid when suffering from PMS.  What do you think was tops on the list to avoid?  Caffiene and alcohol.  Just what a PMSer needs to get through the stress of having PMS, and they tell you it’s forbidden.  I didn’t listen to the foods they recommended because if you can’t drink coffee and martinis when you’re suffering PMS, you’re not going to be thinking about good nutrition.  You’re probably going to be too busy trying to stab someone with the spoon you usually use to stir your coffee with but now you can’t have caffiene.   And since chocolate has caffiene, does that mean you have to avoid that too?  Who comes up with this stuff?  Obviously not someone who has ever suffered from PMS.

Of course, there is always the news on at every half hour and weather updates every five minutes.  Do people really need the forecast that often?  I mean, it’s not going to change from one hour to the next.  Even here in New England. 

Then there was the “Do the Hustle” workout routine which consisted of people jumping rope, doing pushups and crunches to disco music like “The Hustle.”  Hmm, disco boot camp.  That’s a profound new idea that I’m sure will motivate millions to get off their butts and get in shape. 

And finally, they usually end with a food segment as they did with Al Roker about building “A better burger.”  Isn’t Al supposed to be eating healthy?  Maybe the burgers were made out from soy, but I doubt it.  Anyway, sorry I can’t say what they were made of because recipe ideas are lost on me.  My mind wanders back to my kids who are eating frozen waffles jarred baby food.  

And there you have Yesterday on Today.

Till tomorrow.

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