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Good morning.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  The weekend box office was good for the movie Ratatouille, which apparently nobody on The Today Show can pronounce.  It’s Rat-ah-tooey just in case anyone was wondering.  Anyway, it came in at number one so they should know how to say it right.  Coming in at number two was Live Free or Die Hard followed by Evan Almighty at number three.  They don’t give the rest, sorry. 

Following a news and weather update, we went right into a segment entitled “Mommy Envy,” about moms being jealous of other moms that seem to have everything together–at least more than you do.  I was there a few weeks ago myself while watching my son’s preschool class put on a performance for family members.  While other moms had their toddlers sitting quietly in their laps, mine was squirming, crying, and trying to join her big brother up on the “stage.”  I kept wondering why mine was the only one misbehaving.  Anyway, I certainly understand mommy envy as I wondered how all those other moms kept their sedate toddlers in their laps.  The advice to all moms was to 1) let go of perfection–or the illusion of it because let’s face it, nobody has it, no matter what it looks like on the surface.  2) If you want something for yourself, get it–whatever that means.  I want a new iphone, but it’s not in my budget.  And finally, 3) appreciate yourself and keep things in perspective.  In other words, since you’re probably not appreciated by others–lots of moms aren’t, especially stay-at-home moms–at least know that you’re doing a great service and someday it will pay off.  Being a parent is the toughest but most rewarding job was what I gathered to be the theme of that segment.

Today’s Style:  How not to overpack for a weekend getaway.  They showcased a weekend getaway kit that included a sarong which doubled as a shirt.  I had to laugh at that one.  Looks like you’d have to be an engineer to figure out how to wrap it right so it doesn’t look you’re wearing a shower curtain.  Pack one clutch and one day bag, two pairs of shoes, again one for evening and one for daytime.  Pack a white sundress (white is the new black) and a couple of tank tops and you’re done.  Oh, and don’t forget the shorts and maybe some jeans.  I’d leave the sarong at home–just pack a beach cover-up and a normal shirt.  How much more room is going to take up in your suitcase?

Then there was a big announcement on the show:  they’re doing another Today Show wedding and are going out to find couples to audition to get married on The Today Show.  Who wants to see strangers get married on TV?  I don’t even like going to weddings of people I know.  But at least then you get a meal and and an open bar–if you’re lucky. 

Today’s Home:  How to have a party on a budget with patriotic party ideas.  Some of the suggestions were to use bandanas instead of napkins.  That would probably save money unless your guests decided to toss them out with the paper plates.  Make food the centerpiece with a giant glass box of chips and another of salsa.  Interesting idea but I don’t know where you’d get containers like that.  And does anybody really care what the centerpiece looks like (or if you even have one) when you’re eating outside? They also showed colored soda bottles as centerpieces.  Again, why bother?  And who wants to drink soda at a party?  If you’re serving it to kids–bad idea since it rots their teeth.  And adults probably want something with more of a kick, and I don’t mean from the salsa.  By the way, the patriotic part was because most of the plates and balloons were red white or blue–how original.

Gene Shallot reviewed “Evening,” which opened this weekend.  He said it is a must-see and I’m happy after seeing Richard Roper and his co-host give it two thumbs down last night.  That surprised me because of the all star cast including Vanessa Redgrave, Meryl Streep, Miranda Richardson, and Claire Danes to name a few.  The movie got four stars in my local paper, and it’s on my to-see list mostly because of the beautiful ocean-front scenes that were shot right here in my home state of RI.  Newport and Tiverton provided the houses and scenery. 

Moving on to grilling tips where they barbecued shellfish.  Since it’s Fourth of July week, they’ll be throwing anything they can find on the grill.

That wraps up Yesterday on Today for Monday.

Till Tomorrow.


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