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We started off the the third hour of Today by welcoming a new third hour co-host, Stacy London.  Then it was onto Spa Dentistry where you can get everything from facials to manicures while you get your teeth worked on.  I’m sure most of the procedures are cosmetic since I would imagine getting a massage during a root canal would kind of ruin the relaxation.  Plus that was all they talked about, whitening and veneers.  In case you hadn’t noticed, this show is dedicated to making yourself look better.  At least this hour.  And I doubt your dental plan will cover pafafin wax even if you get it while having your cavities filled.

Onto Today’s Travel where they showed The Best Boardwalks in America.  Most of them are on the East coast.  Only one on the West coast.  Let’s see, there’s Atlantic City which is about 4 miles of boardwalk.  Then there’s Coney Island which is 2.5 miles long and Ocean City, MD which is 3 miles long.  Santa Cruz, CA is considered the Coney Island of the west.  Fascinating stuff.

Larry King’s interview with Isaiah Washington was the next feature where Isaiah complained about being a victim and blamed the whole gay slur problem on T.R. Knight–you know the one Mr. Washington called a faggot?  He blames T.R. Knight for using it to get more publicity.  Oh yeah, well who’s out there doing talk shows and shooting his mouth off about being unfairly treated?  Quit your whining and grow up.  Obviously he learned nothing in “rehab.”  Please, since when is rehab the answer to everything?  And what kind of things do they teach homophobes in a few days of rehab anyway?

Moving on to How To Lose 10 Pounds Without Really Trying.  Before you get your hopes up, I’ve got some bad news for you:  it’s all done with make-up.  You’re not really going to lose weight, just look like you have.  At least according to make-up artist, Eve Pearl, who uses lots of blush to create a hollowed cheek and what she calls a facelift.  Of course, you have to use concealer under your eyes and around the mouth to camouflage those pesky lines, but if you have the time to spend on all this primping, maybe you’ll shed a few years as well as pounds.  I doubt it.  Especially if you’re not a make-up artist, or should I say an illusionist yourself.

The show wrapped up with another Grilling Around The World segment.  This time grilling Japanese style.  Looks like they used fish again–not sure.  They probably added some veggies.

Till next time, happy Fourth of July!


They must have been a little short on content and long on time today because they showed a clip of a previous segment from Meredith Viera’s interview with Vince McMahon about wrestler, Chris Benoit’s double murder suicide.  I don’t know when the segment aired but I do know that it wasn’t live today at 9 because Meredith is never there after that second hour wraps up.  A pretty good gig, I must say.  Anyway, it was a very interesting interview.  Meredith asked him some tough questions and did not back down when McMahon denied having said that in no way could steroids have caused this to happen.   Even though they had a tape of him saying those exact words.  I do like Meredith, especially after having to endure years of Katie Couric.  And it’s not just because she’s from my home state of RI where I used to watch her on my local news station.  I also met her in New York while she was on The View.  She was very friendly and genuine–unlike her co-stars, Joy Behar and Starr Jones.  I wish I could see more of her interviews, but as I mentioned in my first post, this blog is only about the last hour because I’m not up for the first two.  At least not in the summer when my son doesn’t go to school.  And as I also said earlier, the first two hours actually seem to focus on newsworthy topics.  That’s probably they why ran a snippet of Meredith’s interview in the third hour.  They must have run out of fluff to take them through to 10:00. 

Moving onto the Larry King interview with Paris Hilton.  Yes, they actually had a Today Show correspondent to comment on the Larry King show.  I guess they felt gilted because they didn’t get the interview.  I actually liked the guy who gave his impression of Paris’s comments about being such a new person.  If she’d really changed, why isn’t she talking about doing charity work–especially for MADD.  Instead she’s dishing about what she loves best, herself.  And apparently when asked about what part of The Bible struck her most, she came up empty.  She complained about how unfair her punishment was since she is “too stupid” (my words, not hers) to know that it was illegal to drive with a suspended lisence–twice!  If they handed out sentences for stupidity, she’d be in for life.

Another interview followed.  This one with people who actually have talent and work for a living, actors Jeffrey Donovan and Sharon Gless who star in a new show on the USA network called “Burn Notice.”  It’s about an ex-CIA agent who turns his talents to private detecting after being fired from his previous “job.”  Sounds interesting, even if it is about yet another PI.  This one has a bit of a twist.

Remembering John Lennon followed in an interview with author, Larry Cane, who wrote “Beatles Behind the Scenes.”  My kids were screaming and the phone was ringing while he was on so I missed most of that segment.  I’m guessing he probably talked about John Lennon and The Beatles.  Is there really anything new to read about there?  I guess if you want to know, you can buy the book. 

They continued on with Red, White and Green, about how to have an environmentally friendly Fourth of July picnic.  Here are some of the topics: gas grills are better than charcoal.  Soy candles are better than petroleum.  No kidding, soy is more eco friendly than oil?  Bison burgers are better than beef.  That I can understand, but what if you don’t happen to live in a great plains state?  I prefer the potato and pasta salads anyway.  And no animals lose their life for those.  The highlight of this story–at least for me–was the organic wine, Frog’s Leap.  I think I’ll order a case.

Today’s Kitchen featured grilled fish.  Hey, you can throw some of that on the barbecue if you live on the coast instead of the midwest.  Sure beats bison burgers.

Till Tomorrow.

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