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Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July!  We started the 9:00 hour today with a Kid Etiquette class.  Kids need to learn to be polite, and have style and grace.  As well as to be kind, courteous and respectful.  Unfortunately most of them don’t.  They learn from their parents so this segment was geared more to them.  Know what to expect and expect it (rather vague).  Always behave the way you want your kids to behave.  Easier said than done but very true.  Then again, whatever happened to “Do as I say, not as I do?”  Of course, “Practice what you preach,” is an even more widely known cliche. 

Ride to a better life is what the next segment focused on.  Polo For The People.  The work to Ride Program.  (Why must all these segments have so many names when one would get the point across just as well?)  Anyway, it’s a program that gives inner city kids a chance to learn how to play polo.  Getting kids off the street and into the stable is their motto.  Sounds like a good idea.  Something about horses seems to soothe even the harshest of criminals.  But some the kids end up in jail anyway.  Oh well, you can’t save them all.

Today’s Kitchen was again focused on Grilling Around The World with a Fourth of July Feast of chicken and grilled corn on the cob, followed by peanut butter and jelly cupcakes.  Yum.  They were supposed to feature red, white, and blue desserts and I guess they somehow got those cupcakes to become those colors, but they ran out of time to get to any more.

Moving onto a beer segment.  Beer is the new wine.  How to match beer with food.  Serve fried food with hoppy beers such as IPAs (India Pale Ales).  Serve lighter fare with pilsners.  Lager goes better with foods crisp in style.  Potato chips, anyone?  Ale is good with heavier, richer foods.  Such as those peanut butter and jelly cupcakes?  There is also a beer that costs a hundred bucks a bottle.  It’s made by Sam Adams and is 25% alcohol.  No thanks, I’ll stick to something like Twisted Tea if I want to drink something like a beer with more of a kick.  Again, the Today Show hosts were enjoying a little nip on this Fourth of July morning.  I’ve got to get a job on that show.  They’re always having fun, no matter how early.

They signed off early today.  And why not?  None of the regulars were there on a holiday.  Except Ann doing the news.  And drinking beer with her co-hosts.

Till Tomorrow.


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