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Okay, we started the last hour with “Dating Over 50.”  Nothing new here that I could see.  I guess the message is just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date.  Don’t give up even after having 3 bad dates.  Don’t travel to meet someone you met online.  In other words, use common sense.  The same advice could be given to a seventeen year-old too.  It’s just a way to say that it’s all right to date well after your midlife crisis.  Like you really needed someone’s permission to do so.

Onto Today’s Travel: Fashion do’s and don’t’s on the road.  Don’t wear sweats & pj’s–does that mean you can’t even wear them while your’re lounging around in your hotel room?  And was anyone seriously considering wearing them out to dinner anyway?  If so, hope they watched this segment to spare them the embarrassment.  Do wear a little white dress.  Do add a neatly tailored jacket.  But what if you’re in the Bahamas?  Do wear comfortable but fashionable shoes.  I guess that means to leave the slippers and sneakers at home.  And again, those of you considering wearing your pj’s out on the town, it’s good you now have this advice so you can leave the slippers in your suitcase–or better yet, don’t even pack them.

Moving onto Today’s Family which covered the topic of when children are old enough to be left home alone.  You’ll be shocked at the response: whenever they’re mature enough and you can trust them.  Wow!  That’s news to me.  Now I know I shouldn’t leave my five year-old home alone for at least another five years, most likely more.  Hopefully you found it helpful too.

Let’s get to Today’s Fitness: Staying Fit in the Summertime.  The gyst of this story is keep hydrated.  In order to do that you must drink lots of water.  And if you don’t really like it, drink fitness water which adds a little flavor and only ten calories.  Now there’s some news you can use.  But here’s the best part, this fitness guru (sorry don’t know his name but he wrote a book–imagine that) says to do your cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast to burn the most fat calories.  And that’s not all, after you eat breakfast, it’s time to hit the weights.  I know it sounds like a lot, but you only need to do 20-30 minutes of cardio before breakfast.  That should leave you plenty of time to do your strength training when you finish that stack of pancakes and blueberry muffin.  I’m guessing that most of these segments are geared to people who don’t have to work for a living–and that includes work-at-home moms.  Yes, I say work-at-home because if you’re a mom at home with young kids, you’re working almost constantly.  I can only imagine how my kids would respond to my saying, “Sorry,  but Mommy has to do her cardio before you guys get your breakfast.  And you’ll probably be late for school since I need to hit the weights–you clean up the dishes.”  So all you people with loads of time on your hands and no responsibilities, hope this was helpful to you.

And the fitness segment was followed by Today’s Kitchen which focused on dessert.  There go all those early morning wokouts.  “How To Eat Like A Royal” was the name of the segment and possibly the book by the chef making the recipe.  He was British and made stuff with berries.  I guess the queen likes his food.

So there you have another fascinating day on Today. 

Till tomorrow.


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