Today’s content was a little more significant than yesterday’s.  Emphasis on little.  But it really didn’t start that way at 9am with a story about women who marry men who are just like dear old dad.  Can you say, ewww!  You can if you’re like me and the thought of marrying a cheating alcoholic sends shivers down your spine.  Or maybe you already did marry a cheating alcoholic.  In that case, my condolences.  Sometimes we end up marrying men like Dad for better or for worse, so to speak.  They used celebrity examples in the story, like Angelina Jolie (daughter of Jon Voight) choosing Brad Pitt (a no brainer there), as well as Gwyneth Paltrow picking Chris Martin.  These psychologists did specify that women with close relationships with their fathers were more likely to look for similar traits in their mates.  But what about the women who marry abusive men after being abused by their fathers?  Are those considered close relationships?

Moving on, we saw a segment about looking hip while pregnant.  In other words, “Dressing like a rock star momma.”  Please!  Having been there a couple times myself, the last thing I worried about while pregnant was looking hip.  Once the kids come, the hip days are over.  It’s time to face that fact sooner later.  Who’s kidding who?  I’ve known many pregnant women in my life and looking hip wasn’t on the list of priorities with things like avoiding gestational diabetes, avoiding gaining a hundred pounds and feet swelling up to parade floats.  And then they had the special pregnancy products like preggie pops for morning sickness–as if an ordinary popsicle wouldn’t do?  Trust me, they work and are a lot cheaper than preggie pops.  You were also told not to forget the maternity bra when you go to the hospital to give birth.  Really?  I never would have thought of that one, what with wearing one for at least the past 3 months of pregnancy–most women need them to support their growing breasts during pregnancy.  And they also featured Mama Spanx.  Aren’t those for holding your gut and butt in like a modern day girdle?  I know they’re great for avoiding panty lines, but they’re also very constricting.  I think most pregnant women wouldn’t want the feeling of a boa wrapping itself around their abdomens.  But maybe I’m weird.  After all, I liked to wear maternity dresses so I’d have nothing scraping against my ever-expanding belly.

That extremely informative segment was followed by one about hysterectomy facts.  So when the uterus is all worn out from pregnancy and childbirth, you can think about having it yanked out.  They listed a few good reasons for doing so such as cancer and fibroids, but prevailing opinion seems to be that is’t better in most cases to leave it in.

In between the pregnancy and hysterectomy sessions was a singer from “America’s Got Talent” singing part of a song leading into a commercial break.  A nice segue with the singer who’s name escapes me.  Ironically, when they introduced her, they said her name was unforgettable. 

And, as it does most days, the show ended with a cooking segment with Al.  This one was Cajun Cooking on a grill with some chicken.  If you’re looking for recipes, you’re reading the wrong blog because cooking is up there with dressing like a rock star momma on my priority list.  But that’s a wrap-up of that last hour of the show.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Till tomorrow.